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Mission Statement:

Show kids the joy of sports at a young age, while learning the basic skills and fundamentals needed to be able to compete as they get older.

Values & Guidelines:

  • Act with the highest level of Ethics and Morals at all times

  • Practice Honesty and Integrity every moment of every day

  • Teach and treat every child as if they were your own

  • Teamwork is the key to success 

  • Strive to be the best at everything you do

  • Set goals, work to achieve these goals, and help others also achieve theirs.

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Who is behind QuickStart Sports and why:

My name is Chris Heath, I am the founder, owner and operator of QuickStart Sports, LLC.  My desire to start these programs came from my involvement in Flames Basketball, Upward Christian sports and from watching and seeing the need for quality youth sports programs in the community.  I believe there is a growing need for development of youth at a younger age than ever before.  As I watch middle school and high school athletics today, I see many talented players that have the skills needed to compete at the college level and even beyond!  However, I also see many athletes that are a step behind those that are excelling.  The reality is that in order to be at the level needed to play in college, you must have the proper training and skill development at an even younger age then ever imagined!


QuickStart Sports, LLC aims to teach young children and toddlers the basic skills of basketball, football, soccer and tee ball.  These skills if taught in the beginning will surely provide a huge advantage to my participants when it is time to participate and compete at the early elementary and middle school age.  Being a step ahead in the beginning will only lead to being a step ahead as your child progresses through their life in sports!  Research shows that kids who participate in team sports are better academically, socially, and have better careers as adults.

To be a successful player requires three important key attributes: skills, drive and determination to succeed, and high level coaching and player development.  QuickStart Sports aims to incorporate all three of these attributes in our programs.  Our older participants will start by setting a goal to accomplish over the duration of the program, and our coaches will work to help your player achieve their goal.  Having set goals will allow a player to remain focused, confident, and will force them to work hard to achieve their goal.

Our programs are also about mentoring kids through the joy of sports by incorporating key values relating to sports and continually emphasizing those values.  These values will teach them the importance of the non-skill attributes which make a good player.  Lastly, our programs are about teaching participants how hard work, working together as a team, and confidence in their own abilities will create a better future and successful life after elementary school.  Sports in my opinion is more than just a ball or bat in hand, it is a pathway to a more successful future aside from sports.

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