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Small Group & Personal Training
with Chris Heath

What does having a personal trainer do for you?
  1. Set and achieve realistic goals!
  2. Accountability in reaching those specific goals!
  3. Educational - learn new things!
  4. Helps perfect proper form with every movement!
  5. Tailors to your unique requirements!
  6. No wasted time = maximum results!
  7. Specific plan every time!
    • Plans designed and tailored to ensure improvement!
  8. Pushes and Encourages you to reach your maximum physical limits each time!
  9. Improved mental health and confidence in yourself!
  10. Help you form good habits and daily routines!
  11. Challenges you physically and mentally!
  12. Ability to work around your schedule!
Chris Heath Blazer Photo.jpg
Chris Heath (your trainer)
What types of personal training do we offer?
  • Ages 10 years old all the way to adults and beyond!
  • One on one sessions in Ridgefield, Vancouver or surrounding areas!
  • 60-90 minute sessions (typically outside).
  • Specific training for basketball players who want to improve and be better next season!
  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) training.
    • Designed for any athlete who wants to be faster on the field or court and have an improved physical advantage!
  • Adults who are looking to stay in shape, get in better shape, need motivation, need accountability, or need guidance!
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My three boys have been training consistently in football and basketball for the last two years with Chris. His expertise and guidance have been amazing.​
100% recommend Chris, my son has been using his 1:1 basketball training for about a year now.  He has helped with our sons on-court confidence and overall court decision making.  He's positive and uses drills that translate to in-game skills.  We couldn't be hapier with the results​

For more information or to schedule contact:

Chris Heath at 360-601-9343 or


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