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GreatStart May 2015

CornerStone July 2015

Hockinson Community Ed Summer Camp - July 2015

Battle Ground Community Ed Summer Camp - Aug 2015

Ridgefield Church of the Nazarene - Jan 2016

Three Rivers Christian school - Jan 2016

Southwest Washington Learning Center- March 2016

Three Rivers Christian school - May 2016

Vista Meadows & Kiwanis Par - June 2016

La Center Community Ed summer Camp - June 2016

Ridgefield Community Ed summer Camp - August 2018

ridgefield camp 1.JPG
ridgefield camp 2.JPG
ridgefield camp 5.JPG
ridgefield camp 3.JPG
ridgefield camp 4.JPG

Ridgefield Community Ed summer Camp - July 2021

baseball camp group photo summer 2021.jpg
baseball group photo 2 summer 2021.jpg
girl swining bat Summer 2021.jpg
boy swinging bat summer 2021.jpg
Kelsey swining bat Summer 2021.jpg
baseball swing boy summer 2021.jpg
Basketball Camp Group Photo Summer 2021.jpg
Kelsey Dribbling Summer 2021.jpg
girl dribbling basketball summer 2021.jpg
boy dribbling basketball summer 2021.jpg
shoter girl shooting a basketball summer 2021.jpg
boy defended by 2 kids summer 2021.jpg
boy with basketball summer 2021.jpg
good defense summer 2021.jpg

Ridgefield Community Ed summer Camp - August 2021

large group of kids following Jason 8.2.21.JPG
girl doing world cup 8.2.21.jpg
coach Jason watching group of kids 8.2.21.JPG
two kids with masks and soccer ball - 8.2.21.jpg
boy changing direction soccer 8.2.21.jpg
Soccer Battle boy.gilr 8.2.21.jpg
Koty working with kid 8.2.21.jpg
6 girls lines up with soccer ball 8.9.21.jpg
boys playing goalie 8.9.21.jpg
girl kicking into two goalies 8.9.21.jpg
girl kicking ball 8.9.21.jpg
Kelsey standing on soccer ball 8.9.21.jpg

Ridgefield Community Ed Winter Break camp - Dec 2022

basketball group shot.jpg
soccer group shot.jpg
Luke soccer dribble.jpg
Korah and Kelsey agressive expression.jpg
haley vs three boys.jpg
brock vs kelsey soccer.jpg
haley dribbling vs juliette.jpg
soccer group all dribbling at once.jpg
Korah soccer in front of group.jpg
Korah Driving past Kelsey.jpg
Julliette dribbling.jpg
Haley dribbling vs girl.jpg
haley dribbling soccer ball.jpg
Korah agressive ball handling - great flyer shot.jpg

Battle Ground Community Ed Winter Break camp - Dec 2022

basketball group photo.jpg
girl dribbling down court players in back.jpg
Boy shooting - others in back ground.jpg
boy dribbling solo 2.jpg
girl great defense.jpg
boy dribbling solo.jpg
boy dribbling solo 3.jpg
boy shooting towards basket.jpg
Elios soccer.jpg
girl big kick soccer ball.jpg
girl happy about to shoot.jpg
two boys soccer balls.jpg
two boys with basketballs.jpg

Ridgefield Community Ed Summer Flag Football Camp - Aug 2023

6 friends at football camp.jpg
two red headed brothers.jpg
great defense.jpg
great flag pull.jpg
grayson catch.jpg
makinga  tough catch - good photo.jpg
jacob as QB - good photo.jpg
jacob one hand catch.jpg
Quick Pass - good follow through - good shot.jpg
Aiden catching football.jpg
tams making a plan.jpg
Claire catching Football.jpg
about to catch football with defense.jpg
consetrating QB.jpg
good football defense.jpg
Jacob catching football with defense.jpg
Kelsey as QB.jpg
kid pulling girls flag.jpg
kid as QB.jpg
kelsey making catch.jpg
making a play on the ball.jpg
kelsey making a catch.jpg
mariners kid as QB 2.jpg
potential two handed catch.jpg
number 11 QB.jpg
two kids about to make catch.jpg

Ridgefield Community Ed Summer Basketball Camp - Aug 2023

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