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At QuickStart Sports, we aim to teach your child the basics of the particular sport you choose to have he or she participate in.  Our program is unique in that it is 100% curriculum based.  Your child's experience and development will be based on the program that QuickStart provides, not on the quality or views of a particular coach. 

Our programs are about teaching participants how hard work, working together as a team, and confidence in their own abilities will create a better future and successful life after elementary school.  Sports in my opinion is more than just a ball or bat in hand, it is a pathway to a more successful future aside from sports.

DayCare, Preschool & Toddler Programs

Our daycare and preschool programs take advantage of the time that your children are already at their daycare.  We conduct 50-55 minute weekly sessions with your children right there at the daycare they already attend.  These classes are only available to the children who attend that particular daycare.  Our curriculum based program aims to teach them the basics of sports, as well as key values that will help your child be successful as they become older and participate in more competitive sports.  Each sequence of classes typically last eight weeks, and focuses on one of the following sports: Basketball, Football or Tee Ball.

Each curriculum based program will address the following areas in more extensive detail: Dribbling, passing, scoring, foot mechanics, defensive positioning, catching and throwing (football and tee ball), rules of the game, positions, and much more!

With every paid ession, your child will receive:

  • 8 training sessions by our professional background checked trainers over an 8 week time period

  • Values and lessons relating to Sports and team play

  • Evaluation from trainers at the end of the 8 week session

  • Skills to work on while at home (we encourage parents to spend one hour per week working with your child)

  • QuickStart Sports T-Shirt

  • A ball for your child to take home, practice with, and then keep once the 8 week session is completed

After-school Programs

Our After-school program provides your child an opportunity to learn and strengthen their basketball, football, or tee ball skills outside of normal classroom hours.  Once your child has finished class for the day, Quickstart Sports will work with your child and others at their school location for 1-2 hours (varies by school) on those necessary skills needed to make your child competitive as they get older.  As with every QuickStart Sports program, these classes are curriculum based, provide an opportunity to get healthy exercise, improve social skills, build friendships, and teach QuickStart Sports eight core values as they relate to sports.


QuickStart Sports Camps can be held anytime.  They don't necessarily have to be the traditional summer, spring break, or winter break time periods.  Our week long camps are unique in that parents don't have to worry about taking their child to another location.  These camps are held right there at the child's daycare and preschool.


The difference with QuickStart Sports camps compared to our afterschool or daycare programs are that instead of having classes once a week, it is for 5 consecutive days.  Additionally, training sessions will last a little longer than the other program options.  Depending on location logistics, these daily sessions can last for up to two hours of fun!


All QuickStart Sports camps follow the same format as our other programs.  These classes are all curriculum based, provide an opportunity to get healthy exercise, improve social skills, build lifelong friendships, and teach QuickStart Sports eight core values as they relate to sports.  Each camp focuses on one of the following sports: Basketball, Football, or Tee Ball.



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